What to do when you are stuck at home

I've written about it before, but owning a business and loving to travel is HARD. Sometimes you are dying to get out and explore the world, but your business requires you to be home, putting in long hours. Even though work is demanding, when I am stuck at home I try to do a few things to make not traveling less heart breaking. 1. Make time for creativity- I find when I travel a lot that I miss out on time for creativity. I am often so busy sight-seeing and adventuring that I forgot to unleash this side of me. When I'm home and get a free few minutes from work I like to paint, draw, brainstorm and create.

2. Try and explore where you live- Even though Austin has so many amazing things to do, I rarely find time to explore anything other than the amazing restaurants in this city. We have great museums, trails and attractions so when I am stuck at home, I always try and force myself to find something new to do.

3. Plan your next trip- This one is obvious, but I am furiously planning our next few trips (a week long trip to Colorado, a weekend in Charleston and our big summer trip possibly to Botswana). Looking forward to these trips helps me get through the long work days and hours at home.

4. Reconnect with friends- This is the one thing I hate most about travel, which is engaging with my friends who live in Austin. When I am home I try and make as much time as I can for coffees, happy hours, dinners and long chats.

What activities do you do when you are stuck at home?