Writing down my travel bucket list

Being an entrepreneur and a travel lover, the two sides of my personality are often at odds. I always want to travel but I always want and need to work. I try to make time for both (and I have a few great trips coming up I can't wait to tell you about), but right now it has been over a month since I have been anywhere. We have had a lot of guests in Austin, which we always love, but my Wanderlust is a little bit out of control. The best way for me to keep my love of travel in check is to write down all of the places in the world I really want to go to. Then I can start figuring out how to make it happen. This is what my current travel bucket list looks like:

1. Antarctica- Ever since I knocked South Africa and Peru off of my travel bucket list, Antarctica has risen to the top. Due to the lack of cell phone service and wifi on an Antarctica cruise it will likely be a very long time before I can go there! Regardless, once I go here I will have visited every continent in the world.

2. South East Asia- My husband's Aunt lives in Singapore right now and we would love to go there + Thailand + Cambodia. I suspect we will knock this off the list in 2016!

3. New Mexico- So close to Texas, yet so far! I have always wanted to go to Santa Fe!

4. Maine and Vermont- This will probably not happen until a few summers from now, because I really want to visit in the summer. This is part just a place I really want to visit and part visiting family.

5. Utah - I wrote about wanting to visit the Mighty Five! I still want to plan at least a week long trip to see all of the national parks.

6. Israel and Greece- I have been to Israel twice before but I really want to return with my husband and stop off in Greece. This could be a trip that happens five years down the line.

Where should I go next??