Should You Stay in a Vacation Rental?

On two of our last big vacations (Kauai and Punta Mita) we split our time between staying in a hotel and staying in a vacation rental. I LOVE LOVE LOVE big, beautiful hotels and resorts, but sometimes it is just so nice to be in a "home" while you are traveling. My criteria for staying in a vacation rental are as follows:

1. Can I stay in an area I couldn't normally afford by staying in a vacation rental? When we were visiting Princeville in Kauai all of the hotels were extremely expensive! I really wanted to spend a few nights in Princeville because of the beautiful greenery, Napali Coast, etc, but I didn't want to waste our whole vacation budget on a hotel. We were able to find a really nice vacation rental for about half the price of a hotel. We had just spent the other half of our trip at the Grand Hyatt Kauai, so we were OK giving up more resort time for being able to explore a new part of the island. Plus this vacation rental still had an ocean view and a pool, so it was basically like a resort.

2. Can I spend more time with the family/friends I am traveling with in a vacation rental? This one is a HUGE reasoning for why I love vacation rentals. After the wedding we attended in Punta Mita, my family flew down for a week of vacation. My nephew is two years old so being in one big house versus a hotel was perfect for us. We were able to relax as a family, eat meals together, play games and laugh all while my nephew was sleeping!

The view from the rental was almost exactly the same as the view from the St. Regis. And it DID NOT suck.

3. Will it be nice to have access to "home" amenities like a washer/dryer, kitchen, snorkel equipment, etc? This was big for us in both Kauai and Punta Mita. In Punta Mita it was amazing to have a kitchen to cook meals together and to have access to snacks for the beach and pool. In Kauai we were able to use the condos washer/dryer to wash all of our swimsuits and we also borrowed their snorkel gear and beach chairs. It was really nice to have some of these more home like items with us on vacation.

Do you love staying in a vacation rental? Do you prefer a hotel! Share below and let me know your favorite destinations for vacation rentals!