Adding Travel to your New Year's Resolutions

Now that the holidays are over, I immediately am shifting my focus to the new year. With the new year, I always try and think through my goals for the first half of the year. For the longest time I always created goals in the same four categories: Career, Physical, Relationships and Skills. A few years ago I finally saw a goal setting workbook that included two additional categories: Travel and Experiences. A light went off in my brain and I thought OF COURSE! How had I not included those in my goals before? To give you an idea of how I incorporated these, here were my travel and experience goals:

2014 Travel Goals:

1. Take a trip with a friend (check x3- My trips to PhiladelphiaCharleston and South Africa all included friends)

2. Plan a big trip overseas with my husband (check- My trip to South Africa and Zambia)

Experience Goals:

1. Go on a yoga retreat with my friend Elissa (I have not completed this goal yet, but I will in the new year)

2. Take a ski lesson (Check  x2- My trip to Colorado)

2015 Travel Goals:

1. Plan another big overseas trip

2. Plan a trip with my girlfriends

Experience Goals:

1. Go on a yoga retreat with my friend Elissa

2. Plan a fun experience for my three year old nephew (I don't know if this will happen in 2015, but I want to start thinking through something fun for us to do together)

Sometimes I like to leave my travel goals more open (such as take a big trip) and sometimes I like them to be very specific (such as taking a ski lesson). The best way for me to be sure that I am going to do what I hope in the new year is to write it down!

What are your travel and experience goals for 2015?