When SXSW Meets Travel

Sometimes as a small business owner you get really lucky with conference travel. For me, because I live in Austin I get access to one of the best conferences around: SXSW! I am in the digital marketing space, so the interactive conference is always an awesome experience for me.

This year I was so lucky because I made my way to one very fun travel event as well, meeting The Points Guy! I've written before about how my small business spend has helped me travel the world for free, but everything I know I learned from The Points Guy aka Brian Kelly.

The coolest part about meeting him was just how nice he is! He truly wants to help people travel the world for free. Even though this is his business, you can tell that he is very passionate about what he does and how he helps people.

When I started my own business, igniting that passion in others was a huge goal of mine and Brian does this flawlessly. I left the event inspired and with a new great new tips for earning miles and points. It was a real treat for this small business owner and travel lover!