Unique Experience: Visiting Football Stadiums

It's no secret that I absolutely love football. In fact, we rarely travel during the Fall because we are so lucky to live in Austin and be able to watch the Texas Longhorns play every weekend.

But I do also love traveling to visit other stadiums and see other teams play during the Fall.

A few of my favorite stadiums and games I have been to:

1. Texas v. Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl- The best rivalry in college football, just the best.

2. Atlanta Falcons v. Green Bay Packers- My hometown favorites against a bitter rival. We won this game in over time and I almost missed my flight.

3. Texas v. Alabama at the Rose Bowl- National Championship game in arguably the most beautiful stadium in the entire world.

There are also a few stadiums on my wish list:

1. University of Oregon- They have an amazing game day atmosphere and I would love to go there!

2. Cowboys Stadium- I have no clue how I haven't been here before, but I would love to finally get to a game in this amazing stadium.

3. Broncos Stadium- I have no idea why, but I wouldn't mind going to a very early Fall game in Denver.

Are there any other stadiums that I need to visit??