Traveling Last Minute

The key to being a small business owner is to plan, plan, plan and then plan some more. When you have as many balls in the air as most small business owners do, planning in advance can give you an advantage in terms of tasks and client service. Of course, sometimes something happens and you end up having to travel somewhere last minute. This happened to me last week when my dad had last minute eye surgery in Florida and needed me to fly down and help him post surgery. I ended up knowing about a week in advance, which was incredible because I was able to clear out a lot of work and really be present with my dad while I was in Florida.

These are the times where I am so happy that I work for myself. Because...

1. I don't have to ask anybody for permission to take time off

2. I don't have to feel bad about taking time off

3. I have collected miles and points through my small business spend, which means I can afford last minute travel that sometimes costs thousands of dollars.

Of course, the weather in Florida didn't suck either. Do you ever have to travel last minute? How do you handle it as a small business owner?