Traveling to Austin City Limits

Since I live in Austin I "technically" didn't travel to the Austin City Limits festival, but I figured since people I know ask for tips on traveling to Austin during this time that I would provide. Austin City Limits (ACL) is an awesome music festival that takes place in downtown Austin each October. This year, unlike years past, the festival is on two weekends with identical line-ups. There are a few important things to remember before booking your trip:

1. Book early- This is so obvious, but hotels in Austin get booked up very fast for ACL. Take a look at the transportation options when planning your hotel or vacation rental. There are shuttles from downtown and there are certain areas around town you can park and walk to the festival. Make sure you are near a transportation method before booking, because it isn't that easy for taxis and Ubers to get down to the festival. The earlier you book, the more options you will have.

2. Plan to stay at the festival all day- There isn't really much around Zilker Park (there are a bunch of restaurants, but most hotels are over 30 min walking back), so plan to stay at the park all day. Bring a backpack, wear light clothes, wear comfy shoes and bring cash for food. The food is part of the experience of the festival and there are a lot of great local restaurants with booths at the park. I highly recommend trying Mighty Cone. This year I ate at Chilantro BBQ and had some amazing kimchi fries. Also, bring tissue for the port-o-potties. You can also bring chairs, blankets or crazy creeks if you want to sit during the shows.

3. Plan for it to be very hot- It is really hot in Austin, even in October. Wear a hat, bring sunscreen and also bring water. You can bring two unopened bottles of water and there are re-filling stations throughout the festival. Hydrate, relax and enjoy the shows.

Those are the best tips I have for enjoying ACL. There are so many great, unknown bands that head to the festival, which makes for an awesome time. Great music in the best city in the world, what else could you ask for?