Must Do: Sailing the Napali Coast in Kauai

Last year when we were planning a last minute vacation, we decided to stay semi-local and visit Kauai in September. I thought it would be a nice relaxing vacation, but I wasn't really sold on it being a much-loved vacation. I was totally wrong and one of my favorite highlights was sailing down the Napali Coast.

We picked Captain Sundown and took the three hour sunset cruise. I chose Captain Sundown because they leave from Hanalei Bay and take you to 8 of the 10 sites of the Napoli Coast. I didn't want to drive to Port Allen and not see the entire coast, so Captain Sundown was the best and only option. It was incredible to sail in their catamaran, but really Captain Larry and his crew were the hit of the sail. We were supposedly out there on a calm day, but if you get very sea sick I would not recommend heading out on any cruise of the Napoli Coast. It was incredibly beautiful and we loved the scenery of the entire coast. If you are afraid of helicopters (like me) this is the way to go!