Planning a Big Trip

Every year my husband and I take a big trip. Since we both work full time, it's really important to us that we take two weeks to really explore the world each year. Last year we took an incredible trip to Africa and it had me seriously asking myself, "Can we top this trip?" We started throwing some ideas around for big trips,  but I wanted to be sure they followed some important big trip planning criteria:

1. It must be worthy of two full weeks: I know some people don't mind sitting on a beach for two weeks, but that isn't me. If I am taking off two full weeks of work it really needs to be worthy of my time. I want to make sure we have time to try new restaurants, explore the city, talk to people, etc. I want to go at least 4+ hours away on a plane if I am leaving for that long.

2. It must be somewhere I haven't been before: This one is really hard because I love to travel and there are tons of places I would like to go back to. My husband and I have also been to different places, so sometimes we have to repeat in order for the other to see a new place. For the most part though, I want to go somewhere I haven't really been before.

3.  It has to include an adventure and a relaxation portion: This is the perfect combination for me :) I love an adventure but I also love to relax. I want to be sure that my vacation is well rounded and fun.

Any guesses where we might be going this year??