Planning a Bachelorette Party in Austin

This weekend I am lucky enough to be attending a bachelorette party in my home town of Austin, TX. It is an awesome location for a bachelorette party and this time of year (end of October) is still warm enough for a lot of fun activities. I didn't plan this bachelorette party (the MOHs did an amazing job), but if I did, here would be my recommendations!

1. Eat near going out- This is my BIGGEST recommendation. Pick a restaurant on 6th street (east or west) or on Rainey Street for easy access to going out. Austin isn't the best city for cabs and Uber is just starting to pick up steam. If you eat near where you are going out the entire group can easily make it out without much hassle.

2. Pick an extra day drinking activity- This is a bachelorette party after all ;) If you are looking for a great day time activity that involves drinking, Austin has a couple to pick from. I personally love a wine or brewery tour in Fredericksburg or Dripping Springs. You can also do the Pub-Crawler, a large drinking bicycle downtown, or visit a place like Painting with a Twist. There are also a few good beer gardens (Easy Tiger, ABGB, etc.) where you can relax and enjoy time with your girls.

3. Look into a vacation rental- I would always recommend looking into a vacation rental if you are visiting Austin. The hotel selection here is pretty weak (it's getting better), but the rental market is very hot. With a rental all of your girls can relax and party together without being in separate rooms.

4. If you have an active group, try stand up paddle boarding or kayaking- If you have a more active group, or a less drinking group, there are many active activities to try in Austin. If you aren't going in Fall there are opportunities to spend a day on the lake or go to Barton Springs. If it is too cold for those, you can still stand up paddle board or kayak in Town Lake, which is right downtown. You can pretty much kayak year round, so I recommend trying that out either way.

Fall is a great time to be in Austin. So gather your girls and come on down!