What to Pack: First Time Skiing

If you are anything like me, you may be a little late to the skiing game. I only learned how to ski about four years ago and the hardest thing for me was figuring out was what to pack!! I also get very cold, very easily. These are my quick tips for packing for your first ski trip. 1. Borrow what you can- Do you have a friend who skis all the time? Borrow her clothes for your first trip! It saves you money in case you don't like skiing and you can test out different clothing items. This was KEY for me the first time I went skiing. I was able to borrow an entire outfit and then I knew exactly what I wanted to buy.

2. Buy good socks- This is so, so important. If your feet are cold, you will be miserable. Go to a ski store and buy a legitimate pair of socks. This is the brand of socks that I currently wear.

3. Chap Stick and Sunscreen- Even if you don't think it looks sunny out.

4. Layers, layers, layers- Both on the bottom and the top. It will keep you warm and you can remove layers as needed.

5. Warm boots for after skiing- Every time you go out for a meal after skiing or want to walk around the ski town, you'll want a very warm pair of boots to wear. Make sure they are water-proof and insulated.

What are your ski packing tips? When did you start skiing for the first time?