How to make traveling for work fun

I have two work trips coming up this month, one to Parsippany NJ and one to Boulder Colorado. Obviously one of those destinations is a little bit more exciting than the other, but I always try to make the best of my time traveling for work by having a little fun. Here are a few of my tips for having fun while traveling for work: 1. Take responsibility for booking client dinners and happy hours- I always try to take the lead on booking where I eat or meet up with my clients. That way I can find a restaurant that really embodies the spirit of wherever I am visiting. I can also try and fit in a quick sightseeing stop on my way to dinner or happy hour. I find that people don't like to pick dinner places anyway, so I am always happy to take the lead on that.

2. Have a walking meeting- If I have a client or coworker I want to catch up with in a less formal way, I often recommend a walking meeting. I pick a place we can walk to and use the time on the way and back to catch up. This obviously doesn't work for a formal meeting, but it works great for a catch up or quick meeting.

3. Extend your trip to visit friends- If possible, I love to extend my trip and visit with friends. Last year during my work trip to Atlantic City, I extended my trip to visit with friends in Philadelphia. It makes a work trip so much more fun if have a great trip to look forward to after.

4. Don't be afraid to wake up early and explore- I've mentioned this before that I always wake up early on vacation to work, but I also always wake up early on work trips to explore. Sometimes it is tough because stuff isn't open, but I always try and save one morning to walk around see the sites.

What are some of your best tips for making work travel more fun?

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