Heading to the Texas State Fair

Every year I head to Dallas for the best football game of the year: Texas v Oklahoma. The game happens to take place in the Cotton Bowl, which is surrounded by the Texas State Fair. Even if you aren't interested in the game, if you live in Texas you should probably check out the fair.

There are games, rides and all of the typical fair fare. BUT...there is also one very special thing at this state fair. The largest selection of fried foods ever. EVER!!

Each year they run a contest to collect new fried foods to add to the collection. This year there will be fried grilled cheese, fried shrimp boil, fried sriracha balls and more. Two years ago I even tried fried butter. FRIED BUTTER. Rejoice!

If you live in Texas, you should definitely check out the Texas State Fair for a day of eating, drinking, and fun. And who knows, Texas might even win the ball game!