Five Fun Things to do in Galveston Texas

I grew up in Atlanta, which is just a few hours away from some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, Savanna and South Carolina. When I moved to Texas, I really missed a quick summer trip to the beach. I finally decided after a few years in Austin that I would venture down to Galveston for a weekend.

Many people tried to talk me out of it by reminding me that it smells (it does a little), it's dirty (it is a little) and the beach sucks (it does a little). But I won't let those people rain on my parade. I headed down to Galveston and enjoyed an awesome weekend. Here are five fun things to do in Galveston.

1. Enjoy the water- We stayed in a beautiful vacation rental that had pools and a lazy river. We spent a lot of time enjoying being outdoors and then we headed down to the beach. I definitely recommend bringing a cooler of drinks and a tent or umbrella. It can get really hot and sunny, so you will want plenty of shade. The beach is not the nicest and the water is brown, but that didn't really stop me from going in the ocean. We played boccee ball and other sand games.

2. Eat some seafood- I LOVE shrimp, so I was extremely pleased to eat my way through Galveston. Every spot has some sort of shrimp dish to enjoy. There are also plenty of places with speciality foods like ice cream, water ice or cupcakes.

3. Walk the strand- This is one of the things I missed the most about beach towns. I love walking around and seeing all of the little shops with t-shirts and keychains. I managed to buy a few t-shirts (why, I have no idea!) and I loved seeing the historical side of Galveston.

4. Hit up the Pleasure Pier- If you have kids who like rides and games, this is a must see for them. There are fun roller coasters, a great view and games to play. It is sort of like a mini carnival on the pier of Galveston.

5. Go to Schlitterbahn- We didn't have time to do it this time, but next time I am definitely going to Schlitterbahn. It is a huge waterpark (indoor and outdoor year round) for all ages. Free parking, free picnics, just have fun!!

Have you been to Galveston? What are you favorite things to do?