Earning Points and Miles for Small Business Spend

Even though I am NOT a points or miles blogger, I do love writing about traveling the world while working and owning a business. One of the ways that I do that is through points I earn for spend related to my business. I am a really frugal business owner, but I do spend a decent amount on advertising, travel and office supplies related to my business. Here are the ways that I earn points for free travel with my business spend (PS: Affiliate links ahead, but honestly these are the best cards if you own a small business).

Advertising: I run a marketing agency, so I end up purchasing a lot of advertising on my client's behalf. This is A LOT of money spent, but it is reimbursed by my clients. I have only found one business credit card that offers extra points for advertising spend. The American Express Business Gold Card offers 3x points on advertising spent. Since this is my main expense I find this card to be extremely valuable.

Office Supplies: Every once in a while I buy office supplies, make copies or update our computer gear. I really wanted a credit card that took advantage of this. The Chase Ink Plus Card gives 5x points for office supply stores (in addition to 5x points on your cell phone bill, which is another big company expense!).

Travel: Both of these cards also help meet my travel needs. I often find myself going to conferences and meeting with clients. The Ink card gives 2x points on hotels and gas stations with the AmEx Gold gives 2x points on airfare and gas stations.

With these two credit cards I am able to maximize the amount of free travel I get from my small business! Comment below if you know of any great point earning cards for small businesses.