Connecting with Family While you Travel

My husband and cousins in front of a gingerbread pirate ship.
My husband and cousins in front of a gingerbread pirate ship.

Besides finding time to travel, one of my biggest struggles as a small business owner is making sure I spend enough time with my family. I have a huge family, so this doesn't just include my parents and brother, but also my nephews, grandparents, aunts, uncles, in laws and cousins. Over Christmas my family took a trip to Amelia Island Florida and it was the perfect time to reconnect with with my family (grandparents, aunts/uncles/cousins included).

It really got me thinking that I want to add more time to connect with my family into my travels. Here are a few of the items I've added to my travel bucket list:

1. Take my nephews to Disney World- They aren't old enough yet, but I really hope one day we can all go together and experience the magic of Disney.

2. Take a spa trip with my sister in law- Because she is my best friend and we both love the spa :)

3. Visit my husband's uncle and aunt in Burlington, TV- Besides the fact that I would love to visit them, I would also love to explore a city I have never been to. My husband's other uncle and aunt live in Singapore and that is DEFINITELY on my bucket list as well.

4. Visit my grandparent's in Florida- I try to do this every year (this year we saw them in Amelia Island), but next year I will definitely try to make it down to their house in Boca.

Do you have a separate bucket list for family travel? Do you try and incorporate your family into your travel plans? Let me know if the comments below!