The best places to eat and drink in Charleston

I just returned home from a weekend in Charleston and it was just perfect! December is a great time to visit due to the mild temps and beautiful holiday decorations. We did a lot of walking and exploring but a big chunk of our time was spent eating and drinking.

Charleston has some really unique food and beverage options. Here are a few I really enjoyed.

Husk Restaurant and Bar- I absolutely loved our meal at Husk and our before/after dinner drinks at Husk bar next door. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and the bar has a very bourbon bar feel. The photo above is of my Dragoons Punch beverage that tasted just like iced tea with some alcohol mixed in. So yummy! The rest of my crew drank Old Fashions and Manhattans all night! The food was really delicious too. I ate a beautiful grouper and enjoyed some unique clam chowder as well.

Gin Joint- This was one of the coolest bars I have been to in a while! They let you pick two words off of the menu and make you a drink based off of that. I picked spicy and refreshing and they totally nailed it. My friend picked unusual and vegetal and out came the most incredible drink. This is a really fun place to enjoy a unique drink.

Charlie Brown Seafood-When we were in Charleston I really wanted to eat a ton of fresh seafood.

The person's house we were staying at is a seafood expert and took us to Charlie Brown's Seafood to buy fresh oysters and crabs. We grilled the oysters and steamed the crabs and they were incredible. I had never shucked my own oysters before, so it was definitely an experience for me. Plus I love oysters, so to be able to eat a couple dozen for pennies on the dollar was pretty exciting.

I loved the food and bar scene in Charleston and we barely scratched the surface of hitting every great place. What are some of your favorite restaurants and bars in Charleston?