Biggest Travel Regrets

I always try to pack as much as I can into my travels so that I don't leave with any travel regrets! This has served me well in the past and meant that I didn't miss absolutely anything on our various trips. Recently though, I was telling a friend about our honeymoon in Australia and I mentioned one pretty big regret I have. We visited Hamilton Island, which is home to an absolutely incredible heart shaped reef right in the middle of the ocean.

My husband wanted us to take a helicopter to see it, but I am SO afraid of flying and especially of getting into a helicopter. I'm really upset that we missed out on seeing this iconic reef, especially because it is unlikely we will ever return to Australia, let alone make the trek over to Hamilton Island. Even though that was still the highlight of my trip (diving in the Great Barrier Reef, enjoying the beautiful landscapes and relaxing in paradise), I do regret not bucking up and going in a helicopter.

I've made a resolution to never miss an iconic landscape again on my travels and that may mean I have to get in a helicopter one day...yikes! But until then, I'll just have to enjoy the beauty of this reef from afar.

Do you have any big travel regrets?