What to pack for a long trip in Winter: Layers on layers on layers

We almost always find ourselves traveling during the American summer, which means we often end up on the other side of the world during their winter. Packing for a long trip that also happens to take place during winter is so hard. I often rely on many, many layers of clothing to keep warm. Here are a few of my favorite packing tips for layering! 1. Open Front Cardigans- My favorite open front cardigan is actually on sale at Nordstrom right now. This MOD.lusive by Bobeau cardigan is the BEST for layering. They are light-weight but warm, which means you can easily take them off or add them on depending on the daily temperature. They come in a bunch of colors and patterns, which means you look cute each day and each cardigan allows for a totally separate "look."

2. Quilted Jacket- The quilted jacket is one of my favorite travel accessories. It's light weight enough to carry easily, but keeps you warm (day OR night) when it gets cold. I love the Burberry Brit jacket for a high end option or this Calvin Klein jacket for a less expensive choice.

3. Gloves and Scarves- Both of these items take up very little space in a suit case, but can make a huge impact in keeping you warm if you are outside for a significant amount of time. I love the North Face e-tip gloves that allow you to use your cell phone while wearing them. A colorful scarf (stripes, leopard, etc.) also gives your outfit a little pizzaz, which can be lacking if you find yourself wearing a coat every day.

Here I am sporting my Burberry quilted jacket, North Face e-tip Gloves and Nordstrom Junior Dept leopard scarf

What are your favorite Winter packing tips?