Tips for Traveling During Christmas

For some reason my family loves to travel during Christmas! It probably has to do with the fact that we a) aren't Christian and b) we always have time off from work during this time. I have gotten pretty good at Christmas traveling. Here are a few of my tips: 1. Plan insanely early- I mean, insanely early. You can't plan far enough in advance for Christmas time. Especially if you want to visit a warm weather destination like the Caribbean. For this Christmas we had our trip planned before summer started. This will give us enough time to get all of the flights we want at a semi-decent price.

2. Fly early and on off days- Flying early in the day is the best way to avoid huge delays. I always try to take a 6 or 7am flight out of town around Christmas time. I also always try to fly on off days and NEVER on the day before or after Christmas. Flying on Christmas Day is another great way to avoid travel traffic.

3. Carry on an outfit and toiletries- The worst time to have your luggage get lost is when you are headed somewhere for Christmas. I always pack a nice outfit, my toiletries and a bathing suit (if I'm headed to the Caribbean) in my carry on. This way if my luggage gets lost I can still have a great time with my family until it shows up.

4. Make dinner reservations ahead of time- Most restaurants require reservations for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, so make sure you reserve ahead of time if you want to eat out.

5. Check openings of tourist destinations- A lot of tourist destinations are closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and sometimes the day after Christmas. Check your destination before you go and make plans to accomplish everything on the days they are open.

This Christmas I am headed to Amelia Island Florida with my family for a little rest and relaxation. Do you have any other tips for traveling during Christmas?