Tips for Planning a Family Vacation

I absolutely love traveling with my family. Because we live in different cities, it is the perfect opportunity for some uninterrupted family time. Of course, planning a family vacation isn't always easy :) I just finished planning one for my family and I learned a few things along the way.

1. Pick a resort or vacation rental over a basic hotel- The whole point of a family vacation is time together. At a basic hotel there aren't many spaces for together time. I always recommend either staying at a resort that has good communal spaces or trying to find a vacation rental to accommodate everyone. This will give your family the most together time.


2. Pick a place that has something for everyone- My family has members as young as 6 months and as old as 61 years old. A vacation is a huge commitment both time wise and money wise for my entire family, so I wanted everyone to be happy. The only way for everyone to be happy is to go a place where there are activities for everyone. We picked a beach location this time which has great water slides and pools for my nephew but also has great food and spa for everyone else.

3. Don't over plan- With a big group it can be tempting to over plan, but don't. Enjoy each other's company, enjoy meals and try to relax while you are with your family.

I can't wait for our upcoming trip as a family. What are your best tips for traveling as a family?