Packing a weeks worth of clothing in a carry on bag

When you travel for work (and pleasure) as much as I do you get really good at packing all of your stuff in a carry on bag. As a small business owner, my time (and money) are super valuable to me. The idea of waiting in line for 20 minutes each way to check a bag seems like a huge waste for me. I also don't want to pay anything extra if I don't have to with air travel already being such a large business expense. I went on over 20 trips in 2014 and I only checked a bag on two of the trips. That is a lot of time and money saved! You can pack up to a weeks worth of clothes in a carry on bag too, just follow my quick tips:

Invest in a great piece of carry on luggage. I am obsessed with the Victorinox Rolling Carry on Bag. I have it in the 20 inch size, which fits in all overhead bins, but the 22 inch fits in most bins as well. It rolls so easily and fits a lot of clothing. It doesn't matter what bag you get, but get a nice piece of carry on luggage that you can handle by yourself. I recently carried 4 dresses, two pairs of shoes and 2 sweaters in this carry on bag!

Travel size all of your beauty products. Even though it requires a small investment up front, I highly recommend getting travel sized beauty products. I love my Aveda shampoo and conditioner, which I own in travel size. The smaller sized products take up a lot less room and they comply with all of the TSA regulations.

Roll all of your clothes. This is a tip I only started following recently, but it really does help you fit more into your bag. Roll all of your clothes instead of folding them. For me it also helps with wrinkles a lot.

Wear your heaviest clothes and shoes. This is one of the hardest tips to follow :) I recently left Austin when it was 70 degrees wearing a huge winter coat and snow boots. When I arrived in Chicago I was perfectly dressed but I did look a little ridiculous leaving Austin. Whatever your heaviest clothing item is, wear it on the plane. Same with shoes. You should never waste your carry on space with a huge pair of boots.

Limit your extras. When you have a huge bag it can be tempting to bring along a lot of extras. Each time you pack, try and take out 2-3 of your extra items. Over time you will get a lot better and realizing what you need to bring and what you don't.

Give it a try and I promise the effort will be worth the saved time and money!