Booking a Trip With Zicasso

On our latest trip to South Africa and Zambia, our traveling companions were really excited to introduce us to a travel company called: Zicasso. Zicasso is a company that helps match you with two or three travel consultants who are experts in the area to help you book your trip. Typically I am a "book it yourself" type traveler, but:

1. Our traveling companions for this trip weren't

2. I didn't know anything about Zambia

3. I didn't know any good travel agents who specialize in Africa

In comes Zicasso! We were able to submit a request and were immediately matched with two stellar travel agents. They each provided us with rough itineraries to pick from. It was easy for us to tell that both of them knew a lot about the area we were going to. One of the agents happened to be located in Austin (my hometown) so we were actually able to meet him in person and have our whole trip scheduled and ready to go.

This was our traveling companions third time booking a trip with Zicasso and I totally see why now. The travel agents they match you up with are really much, much more than travel agents. They are explorers and adventurers of where you are going. They know the land, the people, the food and more. This isn't some Disney travel agent who is going to help you get a good deal on park tickets, this is literally someone who is going to take what you want and mold a one of a kind experience for you.

Since I own my own business, which severely restricts the amount of time I get to travel, I always want to make sure that my time spent on vacation is well used. And Zicasso's skills in matching people with agents are just incredible.

How did they know to set me up with a travel agent who knows one of the best chefs in Cape Town, Chef Bruce of the Flagship?

How did they know that a safari would be a life changing experience for me?

I'm not entirely sure, but they set us up for the trip of a lifetime. Next time we book a trip to an exotic location or are in a time crunch where we can't plan our own trip, I will definitely be using Zicasso again.

PS This is not a sponsored post at all (mostly because I'm not important enough). I just really like this service and think it is a cool, unique travel product.