Visiting South Africa's Wine Country: Stellenbosch

You can't visit South Africa without checking out the wine region of Stellenbosch. Besides being an overall beautiful place to visit there are some incredible wineries there. We visited four wineries, but I can only remember three so I am going to share those.

1. Stark Conde: This was my favorite winery of the four we visited. Stark Conde has won multiple awards for having the best Cab in South Africa. I can't say I disagree with this. The winery is also very personable and the staff is very knowledgeable.

2. Waterford: Waterford not only had great wines, but they offered a wine and chocolate paired tasting! The chocolates were beyond amazing and of course we loved the wines.

3. Delaire Graff: We ate an awesome lunch at Delaire Graff and also enjoyed their wines. It was winter when we went so we had to sit indoors, but this place had the best view and would be amazing to sit outside during the summer.

It rained the whole day we were there, but we heard that the town and area are nice for walking around too. Overall, we had a very nice day in Stellenbosch. Where is your favorite wine region? Where should we visit next for great wines?