Unique Experience: Devil's Pool and Victoria Falls

Just a few weeks ago I was hanging on the edge of the world's largest waterfall. Today, I'm just back in my office...sigh. Of course, just going to Victoria Falls in Zambia wasn't enough for me, I HAD to go to Devil's Pool. If you aren't familiar with Devil's Pool just Google a few videos of it and you'll get the point. Devil's Pool is a natural pool at the edge of Victoria Fall's that is SOMETIMES safe for swimming. They had just opened the pool for swimming a few days before we arrived, which made my nerves just a little bit more active. We arrived on Livingston Island for a VERY rushed tour of the Island. Then our tour guide had us begin the swim to Devil's Pool (yes, you actually have to swim there!). He was really nice and helped us swim our way to the pool (FYI if you aren't a strong swimmer, definitely use your own judgement in doing this). Then we got into the pool and hello!!! We are on the edge of a waterfall.

It was breathtaking and scary, but definitely worth doing. After about a million photos from the edge, we carefully swam back. Super exhilarating, super fun, Devil's Pool is a must-do unique experience in Victoria Falls.