Visiting Punta Mita: The St. Regis

We were invited to a wedding in Punta Mita Mexico this past January and twist my arm...we decided to go. I had never been to Punta Mita before, but it was fairly easy to get to via a flight to Puerto Vallarta and an hour drive from the airport. The wedding was at the St. Regis Punta Mita and it was fantastic.


- Every room has an ocean view

- Every room has a beautiful outdoor shower

- The service is beyond incredible (the butler for your room, the pool attendants, the man who brings you popsicles while you lay at the pool)

- Beautiful beaches and pools

Lowlights- I really can't think of anything, it was an amazing hotel.

And in case you were wondering the wedding was in-credible.

If you are looking for a fun, tropical vacation, close to home, I highly recommend Punta Mita. I've been to most of the islands in the Caribbean and this certainly rivals the beauty there. The St. Regis is beautiful (there is a Four Seasons there as well), but I'll be posting later this week about vacation rental opportunities there as well (we spent time in both). Until then, adios!