Viva Las Vegas: 48 Hours

I just returned from a "work" trip (for my husband) to Las Vegas. There was little work being done and our activities were planned for us, but we made the most of our 48 hours in Vegas.

Itinerary was as follows: Hotel- Nobu in Caesars Palace Restaurants- Sushi Roku, Joe's Stone Crab and Bouchon Activities- Pool Cabana, drinking, gambling


- Dinner at Sushi Roku was so great! It was a set menu since we were such a large group, but they knocked it out of the park. Especially loved our Yellowtail with Diced Chiles...yum yum. - Breakfast at Bouchon was the clear winner here. Delicious, amazing French food. Perfect pastries and coffee. - Cabana at Caesars Pool- Obvious. Doesn't get any better than that.


- Nobu Hotel was sort of meh. To me it felt like a regular room in Caesars. Not impressed. - Gambling- Send money. xoxo.