Top Three Must Sees in Brussels

Brussels is such a fantastic European city, but it's one of the few I haven't been to! I have a friend going there soon who asked me for some tips and of course I came up with an amazing itinerary for her! Here are the top three things I told her she MUST see!

Free Walking Tour of the City: According to some very fantastic TripAdvisor reviews, there is an incredible free walking tour offered that does an amazing job of helping orient you in the city. It is a little over 2 hours long, but covers all of of the amazing sites in Brussels. On your tour you will see:

  • Grand Place
  • Town Hall
  • Maison du Roi
  • Comic Art Scene
  • The Stock Exchange
  • Galeries Saint Hubert
  • Manneken Pis
  • The Monnaie Opera
  • St Nicolas’ Church
  • River Senne
  • The Royal Square
  • Mont des Arts

I love to start my time in a city by seeing all of the great sites. Brussels has so many of them and this is a great way to see them all.

Waffles: While researching I found an amazing waffle workshop! This workshop is located right by the Grand Place so it will be easy to hop onto after the walking tour. The other stop I recommended for a waffle is Maison Dandoy! You absolutely have to try a traditional Belgium waffle while in Brussels.

Chocolate and Beer: After the walking tour, I would totally want to experience two of Brussels favorites: Chocolate and Beer! This tour has amazing reviews and is the one I would definitely pick. The first half of the tour is all about chocolate and the second half is all about beer! My absolute favorite beer to enjoy is a Trappist. It is brewed by monks in Belgium and has a delicious and smooth flavor.

Of course, there are hundreds of amazing things to experience in Brussels, but these are the three I would pick first!

What would you see first in Brussels?