Throwback Thursday: Cinque Terre

Lifes a trip
Lifes a trip

Today I am throwing back to one of my favorite vacations of all time: Cinque Terre! I love Cinque Terre for so many reasons, but a few that make it easily one of my favorite all time vacation spots.

1. The views- Even though it was cloudy when we were in Cinque Terre it was still so beautiful!! All of the houses and buildings overlooking the blue water. Just fantastic! My favorite views were between Monterossa and Vernaza. We hiked through all five towns and then took the train back to Corniglia where we stayed. The hike does take some time, but I think it is 100% worth it!

2. The food- When you are this close to the ocean, the seafood is INSANE. I ate so many seafood dishes both with and without pasta while I was there. Plan ahead and decide which town you want to be in for lunch and find a great restaurant with a view.

3. Enjoying the ride- Sometimes on vacation I feel bogged down by all of the historical sites that I have to see. One of the things I loved about Cinque Terre is that there aren't really any historical sites there. For the entire time we were there we really could just enjoy the ride!

Have you been to Cinque Terre? What was your favorite part of the journey?