Finding a Doctor in Paris

Every once in a while you find yourself in the most incredible place on earth. And then you get sick and the rest of your trip is at the mercy of you feeling better. That is what happened to me last time I was in Paris. I started to come down with an extremely sore throat that made it impossible for me to enjoy any delicious foods or my sight-seeing days in Paris. We were there for 4 full days, so when we arrived and I started to feel bad I decided I wanted to find a doctor. I figured if I could get some antibiotics in my system during the first 24 hours I would be fine. the heck do you find a doctor in Paris? I took a two pronged approach by asking both the concierge at my hotel and the pharmacist down the street for an english speaking recommendation. They both recommended the same person (thank goodness) and I made an appointment for later that day.

I arrived at the doctor and he was able to diagnose me and give me a prescription. Within 30 minutes I was on my way out of the pharmacy, medicine in hand. I don't know much about the French healthcare system, but I paid for everything in cash and it was not very expensive.

Just as I suspected, within 24 hours I was feeling MUCH better and able to rejoin my group of friends. I was very hesitant to see a doctor in another country. What if he doesn't understand me? What if he doesn't get my medical history? What if he prescribes me some terrible drug? On the flip side, I was willing to take a little bit of a risk to feel better and enjoy the rest of my vacation. It also really helped that the doctor spoke perfect English, making it much easier to communicate.

I was just so happy to get back to sightseeing and enjoy my time in Paris! If you get sick on a vacation, I highly recommend finding a qualified doctor to see you!