When You Are Stuck at Home, But Your Wanderlust is Real

Before I started my own business, summer was my favorite time to travel. Warm weather in Europe, last minute deals on flights and a slower time of year at work, meant that I enjoyed summer like I was still in school. 

That all changed when I started my own business. Next thing I knew, summer was my busiest time of year that made it almost impossible to travel. My first working summer I barely left the house! Now that my business and staff has grown a little bit, I have a lot more flexibility in the summer, but I still need to mostly be available and in the country. 

The wanderlust inside of me during the summer has not slowed down at all! Luckily I have a few fun trips planned for the summer. 

A Wedding in Whitefish Montana- My close friend from college is having a destination wedding in Whitefish Montana! I am looking forward to driving the Going-to-the-Sun Road and doing a little hiking and fishing. 

A Bachelorette in Nashville- I haven't been to Nashville in ages and I am looking forward to doing some exploring and enjoying. Plus I can't wait to celebrate my best friend for 27 years! 

Exploring Austin- Even though Austin is my home town, I have a lot of visitors this summer and we will be exploring some places I rarely am able to get to! 

I'm also working on planning my big winter trip (my new summer is now winter!). Any guesses where I will be: