What to read when traveling: January 2016

I've been doing a decent amount of traveling lately, which means I've also been doing a decent amount of reading! I always try to spend most of time working while on a plane, but typically I enjoy the first 30 minutes and last 20 minutes of a flight reading with my laptop put away. I take my work very seriously, but when I read I like to have a little fun :)

I'll even admit that some of the books I read were a little bit trashy! Either way, here is what I read in January 2016! 

The Royal We

This was a fantastic read and went by in a flash! It is about royals (obviously) and sounded a little bit like Kate Middleton fan fiction :) Either way I enjoyed this read a lot. 

After I do

I found this book to be fascinating and a little bit sad. It is about a couple who separates for a year to figure out if they want to stay together or not. The writing was really special and I enjoyed it a lot. 

China Rich Girlfriend

This is the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians and is worth every second of reading! Especially if you love to travel, this book takes place in Singapore and China and shows a very interesting side to their culture. 

Delivering Happiness

I always try to incorporate one business book into my monthly reading. I can't believe I had not read this book before, but I am in the process of working on a few customer service issues for my business and this was a great addition. The book talked through the Zappos philosophy of delighting and surprising your customers. A really good read. 

What did you read while traveling this month?