What To Do With 24 Hours in Singapore

We just got back from an incredible trip to Southeast Asia and I was shocked to find out how much I loved Singapore!

For those of you who don't know, Singapore gained independence from the UK in the 60's and has been growing as a wealthy nation ever since. There are a lot of interesting rules, but the country is clean, safe and absolutely gorgeous. If you find yourself with only a short time in Singapore, this is what I recommend you do. 

Experience Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands: Our very first stop of the day was to see the Marina Bay Sands hotel. It is an absolute monstrosity and is a beautiful addition to the Singapore skyline. You can go up to the top of the hotel to have a drink at the bar to see an incredible view of Singapore.

A short walk from Marina Bay Sands is Gardens by the Bay. These are two incredible bio-domes that include extremely unique flowers and a 6-story-tall waterfall. 


We explored both domes and I absolutely loved walking down the six stories to see the entire waterfall and bio-dome. It was a really neat experience. There is also a huge mall in Marina Bay Sands if you want to do a little shopping while in Singapore. 

Visit a Hawker Centre: I already wrote about the amazing food tour we took in Singapore, but you have to visit a Hawker Centre while in Singapore. 

The food inside of the Hawker Centres is very cheap and so delicious! There is even a Michelin star restaurant inside the one we visited. Try the local food and drink without fear, because Singapore is a very clean city and the food is entirely safe to consume. 

Explore the National Orchid Museum: The National Orchid Museum is located inside of the Singapore Botanical Gardens and it is incredible! Our first day we walked through the botanical gardens and enjoyed all of the beautiful views. The gardens are free, but they are huge so bring your walking shoes! 

You must buy tickets for the Orchid museum, but they are SO worth it. I have never seen so many beautiful orchids in one place. They have a green house area and many orchids are just growing everywhere. If you love flowers, this is a must see!

Sip a Singapore Sling: Everyone told me we had to visit the Raffles Hotel to try the original Singapore Sling. Just warning you, these drinks are pricey and very sugary! My husband and I split one and frankly that was enough for me. 

It was still really cool to visit this historic hotel and sip a cocktail in the Long Bar. 

Walk Down Orchard Road: Orchard Road is the home of high-class shopping in Singapore. There are hundreds of beautiful stores and the road was decorated beautifully when we visited around Christmas time. I am not a huge shopper, but you really do have to walk around here to experience it. 

You can tell from my post that 24 hours in Singapore is definitely NOT enough, but we really, really enjoyed our time there. The food is fantastic, the flowers and greenery are unreal and you can experience both the beauty and culture of Singapore in a short time. 

What are your favorite activities in Singapore?