Update Your Travel Wardrobe for Fall

Even though it is still 100+ degrees here in Texas (yay...not), I'm starting to think about a bunch of trips I have planned this Fall. Last Fall I was planning a trip to Peru and Ecuador, which included mostly hiking and workout clothes. Truthfully though, I barely packed any going out clothes and was sort of bummed to look so casual at night. This year I'm updating my travel wardrobe for my upcoming trips to be a little bit nicer. 

The first outfit I bought for Fall travel is below! I love this super casual Lush dress for travel because it looks fancy, but is made out of a nice material. I always try to carry a pair of cute earrings like these in my bag, because they don't take up a lot of space and always dress up an outfit. I also love these booties because you can wear them day or night. 

I only really travel with one nice outfit like this, but I always need a couple of casual day time outfits as well. I am obsessed with the outfit below, mostly because the entire outfit is $104. The ribbed BP leggings are one of my favorite Fall purchases (I have them in two colors), because you can easily pair them with many, many different tops. I paired them here with a super casual and comfy tshirt and sweater. This is a really good outfit if you are not sure what the tempature will be on a trip or if you are going from indoors to outdoors a lot. 

I also wanted one updated work out outfit for the trips. I love the Zella brand at Nordstrom. It is less expensive than Lululemon, but very high quality. The high-rise leggings are amazing too if you don't like your pants falling down while you hike a mountain. 

With these three new outfits, I feel very prepared for all of my upcoming Fall trips!