Travel Tips for The Always Busy

When I first started Give Me The Globe, I was tired of being stuck at home! I had just started my own business and was very busy working toward growing it into a successful venture. Even though I was afraid to start my own business (without any funding...or experience), I wanted to live life on my OWN terms

But it wasn't that easy for me. I dealt with a lot of criticism as I started my own business and entered into a period of my life where I was stuck at home working for over a year. For someone who loves to travel that is an eternity! I tried to make work travel fun and save up points and miles for an upcoming trip, but it took me almost three years to realize that when it came to my business and my love to travel that I really could have it all. 

Even though some days I felt like a fraud trying to make it all work, I also realized that I wouldn't regret my decision to try and travel more while also owning a business. So off I went! I put on my out of office and took my first big trip since starting my business to South Africa! Since then, I've been to Peru, Galapagos, Zambia, Costa Rica and Mexico. I've focused on taking as many weekend trips as I could possibly handle: Miami, Santa Fe, Montana, Breckenridge, Napa and more! I've also helped friends plan incredible bachelorette parties in Austin, Nashville and Atlantic City

It hasn't always been easy. I've had to work on vacation more times than I can count and I've had last minute travel plans throw a wrench into my perfectly organized week at work. But I've never regretted a single trip. 

I'm passionate now more than ever about helping other entrepreneurs, small business owners, workaholics and regular ol' 9-5ers find more time to travel. Even if you don't have a lot of vacation time or have a small budget, I'm here to help take you from "always busy" to "out of town." 

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