Tips for Skiing in Breckenridge

Spending time in the mountains is one of my husband's favorite past times and Breckenridge is one of our favorite places to ski and snowboard in the winter. Breck can be a little bit crowded, but there are so many great runs and places to enjoy in this mountain town. If this is your first time headed to ski in Breckenridge, I have a few tips for you. 

1. Buy your lift tickets in advance- Check online for discount lift tickets, but even if you only find full price tickets, order them in advance and have them mailed to your house. Lift tickets are more expensive on the mountain and you won't have to wait in the lift line if you already have your tickets. 

2. Rent your skis in town- Renting your skis in town will be way cheaper than renting them on the mountain. I personally like to rent mine at Carvers and pick them up on the way into town. You can reserve all of this online in advance so you get the exact ski package you want.  

3. Give yourself enough time to adjust to the altitude- The altitude in Breck is KILLER. The best ways to adjust are 1) give yourself time without much physical activity 2) drink an insane amount of water and 3) go easy on the alcohol. I also take a RX medicine from my doctor that helps with altitude sickness. When you think you are drinking enough water...keep drinking! 

4. Plan out your day on the mountain- Depending on your skill level, you'll want to plan out your day on the mountain in advance. There is a gondola that takes you between peaks and you'll want to pretty much spend and entire half day at the peak of your choice. For beginners, lessons happen at peak 8 and there are a ton of nice easy green runs from this mountain. If you are looking for a lot of blue runs, peak 7 will be your best bet. 

5. Pack your lunch or be prepared to pay- Lunch on the mountain is very expensive! Be prepared to pay or rent a locker ($8...also not cheap) to keep your packed lunch inside of. 

6. Book your dinner spots ahead of time - Many dinner spots in Breckenridge can fill up during busy season. Plan to eat early or make a reservation to avoid a long wait at any of the in-town restaurants. 

Now go ski! Breckenridge has some of the most beautiful and fun ski runs around. If you plan your day, you'll have an incredible time.