The Ultimate Atlantic City Bachelorette Party Guide

I just returned home from a VERY fun bachelorette party in Atlantic City. Ever since the success of my ultimate Austin bachelorette party guide, I've been trying to write up a detailed review of everything we did. While I don't live in AC (the way I do in Austin) I tried to remember every detail for you to copy on your next AC bachelorette party. 

Getting to Atlantic City from other areas of the country isn't too tricky depending on where you come from. The entire Texas group (Dallas and Austin) flew into Philadelphia and paid for a shuttle with Airport Chariot. United and American both had decent deals into Philadelphia. Others flew into NYC or DC, but keep in mind the drive is much longer. From Philly to AC is only about an hour depending on traffic. 

We were a group of 22 girls so staying in a hotel in AC was sort of off the table :) We stayed in a really beautiful VRBO with 8 bedrooms. The best part of this VRBO was the communal space for eating, playing games and hanging out. The hotels in AC (with the exception of maybe the Borgata) are not super nice, so the house was definitely nicer than other options. It was also two blocks from the beach. 

When we arrived Friday we hit the beach immediately and stayed there most of the day Saturday too! 

The beach was really beautiful and not too crowded. Our VRBO had tons of beach towels, which made it easy breezy to go to the beach. 

Friday night we ordered takeout and played games in the house. We had a really fun lingerie shower for the bride too. I'm always looking for ideas for cute items for the bride and these have been my go to items for a while. 

Saturday after the beach, we headed for an Atlantic City speciality: Gelati. For those of you who don't know what that is custard layered with water ice. Totally delicious, totally a must get (we ate at Sundaze, but I've heard Margate Dairy Bar is great too). 

Saturday night we headed to Caesars for dinner at Buddakahn. It was perfect for a big group and we had a gigantic table. The group menu was absolutely amazing (and very satisfying). I was shocked how great the restaurant was at accommodating allergies (gluten and dairy) and generally providing really, really good service. Also props to our servers for keeping the drinks flowing (we added on a $35pp beverage package, so we were obviously happy to be drinking our share). I believe the dinner was $60 per person, but included so many great things (my favorite items were edamame ravioli, chicken ginger dumpling, crispy king salmon, chinese eggplant...I could really go on). Here we are in front of the giant Buddah. 

After dinner at Buddakan, we headed to the Borgata to dance at Premier night club. I'm not really a night club type of person, but the Borgata is nice and I found the club to be mostly tolerable. We danced, drank and celebrated our bachelorette. 

The Borgata is also great if you want to do a little gambling. Lots of slot machines and tables were available on Saturday night. Sunday night we brunched and headed out of town. 

This bachelorette party was so fun and I highly recommend this itinerary if you have a group of girls who loves the beach and loves to eat.