The Hacienda at Hotel Santa Fe Review

My husband and I just returned from a fantastic weekend stay in Santa Fe. Before our trip, I was really unsure about what hotel to pick for our stay. There were some really nice hotels running $500+ a night, but I really had trouble justifying that price. On the other hand there were some $100-200 a night hotels that had awful reviews (and since we were celebrating our anniversary I didn't want a bad hotel either). 

We settled on the Hacienda section of the Hotel Santa Fe. If you don't want to read to the end, just know that I really liked his hotel a lot! 

A few things really stood out to me about our stay:

1. The service- The service in this hotel is totally fantastic! Every person we encountered was so nice and welcoming. The room includes continental breakfast and happy hour on the 6th floor and the hotel employees were always so helpful (refilling drinks, asking if we needed anything, etc). The hotel also has a shuttle to downtown, which we used a handful of times. The shuttle was always very easy to grab and always picked up promptly from downtown (within 7-10 minutes of calling). I can tell that the employees at the Hacienda really pride themselves on their service and it showed.
2. The location- The location of this hotel is really nice. It is about a 15 minutes walk or so from The Plaza, but is right next to the Railyard, which has a great farmers market and artist market on Saturday. We found it really easy to get around the entire city.
3. The room- I was really surprised at how nice the room we stayed in was given some of the other reviews. I thought maybe it would be dirty or really old, but it wasn't at all. The rooms are a little bit rustic, but very much fit in with the style and history of Santa Fe. The rooms were updated in the areas I would expect (larger shower with marble, comfy bed, gas fireplace with a remote, etc). 

I would definitely recommend staying at the Hacienda when you visit Santa Fe! It's less expensive than many hotels in the area, but still provides a high service and lovely experience.

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