Ten Thousand Waves Spa Review in Santa Fe, New Mexico

My husband and I just visited Ten Thousand Waves while celebrating our anniversary in Santa Fe. Before we arrived in Santa Fe SO many people had recommended this spa to us. Every time I mentioned Santa Fe someone would mention Ten Thousand Waves. Even my parents, who visited in 1999, went and loved it. 

We booked a package, The Natural, which includes time in a private tub, a head treatment, 50 min massage and salt glow. My therapist for the treatment, massage and salt scrub was absolutely the worst therapist I have ever experienced. I love going to spas and usually enjoy a great therapist so much but this lady was absolutely inappropriate and just plain weird. She told me to relax no less than 15 times within the first 15 minutes of the treatment. At first I laughed it off and sort of joked back that I was relaxed. At one point she even aggressively shook my arm to try and get me to relax. The only thing that was really stopping me from relaxing and enjoying my treatment was her constant talking and telling me to relax over and over again. 

About half way through the treatment things really took a turn for the worst when she started asking me if I had any trauma in my life and if I needed her there to support me. I was so confused and annoyed that I told her she was really bothering me and to stop talking and asking me to relax. I don't know if the massage therapist was a psycho or just really annoyed that I wouldn't relax, but it ruined the entire experience for me. I found her constant talking to be really inappropriate. My husband's therapist on the other hand was totally normal, nice and generally quiet during his treatment. 

While this experience was absolutely awful, I didn't exactly enjoy the rest of my time there either. When we arrived it was a little disorganized and we were not sure where to go. After waiting for about 15 min we were taken to the Kobuta private tub, which was nice, but I think 55-minutes is a little long for sitting in a hot tub. There weren't any lounge chairs or anything inside the private tub area, so you were either in the tub or sitting in a regular chair outside of the water. The area was clean and very beautiful though (lots of trees, greenery, very serene). 

This is the Kobuta Tub.

This is the Kobuta Tub.

I truly hope that no one who goes to Ten Thousand Waves has the same strange experience I had, but truthfully even without that experience I would probably pass on visiting Ten Thousand Waves. It isn't as luxurious as most spas I've visited and if you really want to enjoy the hot tubs I would just buy the $25 day pass (versus paying for a treatment or package). I think maybe if you visited during winter you might enjoy the time in the hot tub a little bit more.

Long story, short...I don't understand the hype of this spa or why people love it so much.