Small Business Insights: Dealing with Criticism

Even though traveling is what I love to do, running my small business is a huge passion of mine as well. When you love to travel as much as I do, it can be really tricky to run a successful business. One of the hardest things for me in running my business has been dealing with criticism. Sometimes the smallest thing like an email from a client, or a discussion that doesn't go your way can really turn your whole day upside down. I was having a particularly rough day, when I stumbled upon this amazing Magic Lesson with Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown. 

As I was listening to it, Brene Brown said one thing that really changed my whole life. 

"That kind of criticism is a really small price to pay for doing what I love and for being whole."

She was SO right. Criticism is such a small price to pay for following my passions and living out my dreams. Even though criticism can make you feel bad (it really, really does!), it feels much worse to picture a life where you don't follow your dreams. 

How do you deal with the daily criticism that comes from living your life out loud?