Singapore Airlines Houston to Manchester to Singapore

My husband and I are planning a trip to Southeast Asia this year and I am SO excited. Since I own a small business, it is really hard for me to make time to travel internationally. I usually get to do one big trip a year and this is it! I can't wait for some much needed exploration. 

We have been saving our Chase Sapphire Preferred points for some time now and we were able to redeem them for first class tickets on Singapore Air. 

When we originally booked our tickets we had a layover in Russia and our flight looked like this: 

Singapore Airlines Houston to Singapore (with a layover in Russia): 187,000 points and $544 in fees and taxes. 

Singapore Airlines Singapore to Houston (with a layover in Russia): 187,000 points and $617 dollars. 

However since we booked our flights, Singapore Airlines announced they are canceling that flight and adding in a stop over in Manchester instead of Russia. I received an email from Singapore Airlines letting us know that we would now be flying through Manchester. The flight time is around the same (31 hours or something around there), but I am much happier to be flying through Manchester. I didn't really want to fly over Russia (or to Russia), so this is a great change for me. 

I am really excited for this upcoming trip! Let me know if there is something specific I should do in Singapore!