Review: Hotel Plaza Grande Quito Ecuador

We just returned from an incredible trip to Peru and Ecuador! I have a lot of posting to catch up on, but I wanted to start with a small, sweet spot from the trip. The Hotel Plaza Grande in Quito! 

Quito was SUCH a surprise to me, mostly because I had read a lot of scary information on Quito, which made me feel like it might not be the safest city to stay. We didn't experience any of this and our tour guide Gina made us feel very, very safe. We also went out to dinner and rode in taxis with no problem. A good reminder to me that you shouldn't judge a city by what the internet says :) 

We arrived at the Hotel Plaza Grande and it is spectacular! The hotel is old-fashioned in a very, very beautiful way. 

Location- The location in old town is absolutely fantastic for walking around! If you want to explore the history of Quito, you are in the best location. It was also very easy for us to take a cab to the newer area of Quito for dinner (dinner review coming soon!). 

Food- Breakfast was included with our stay and it was INCREDIBLE. There are a few options for American style breakfasts, but I suggest you try the Ecuadorian style breakfast. The style of food in Ecuador is delicious and not to be missed. We also enjoyed a great dinner at the restaurant! 

Staff- The staff at this hotel are insanely kind and helpful. Just a few things they did perfectly: organizing a boxed breakfast for us on our last day, getting our bags up to our room before we were even up there, making a delicious welcome cocktail, calling taxis, etc. They were just very, very nice and helpful. 

Room- The rooms have a feeling of unique luxury. They definitely have a beautiful old style, but the bathroom was redone and the beds are obviously new and lovely. I love a hotel that can be old in style, but not feel old on the inside. 

This hotel was obviously a great welcome to an awesome stay in Quito! 

As always, these reviews are my own opinions. I'm never compensated for reviews because I'm not important enough :)