Regrets of the dying: Will I really wish I had worked less?

I often see articles in my news feed about the regrets of people dying. Almost all of the articles read the same about wishing they spent more time with their families or traveled more often. One thing that always bugs me and surprises me to see is the number one regret of the dying: I wish I had worked less. 

I think reading this bothers me so much because the reality is I work...a lot. I definitely wonder, will I regret all of this work when I am dying? Will I have wished that I slowed down and wasn't so focused on my impact at work? 

These thoughts have recently been confounded with friends of mine mentioning I work too much and someone even saying that what I do is "just a job" and that I take it too seriously. 

Just a job?? A job is something you do because you have to. Owning your own company and building a business is my life passion. I spend more waking hours at work each day than anywhere else. Is it really JUST a job?

While I was re-reading the regrets of the dying, I came to the conclusion that most people don't actually regret having worked too much. They regret working on the wrong things. They regret not starting their own business, switching to a job they would love, leaving work at a decent hour to spend time with their family...they regret not doing work differently. 

The best part about owning my own business has been the opportunity to work differently. To take a vacation when I want to. To meet a friend who needs me for lunch. But also the opportunity to really love working. To do work that I find interesting and impactful and important...with no regrets.