Preparing for a Ski Vacation

Now that Fall is here, I am definitely already thinking about my winter vacation! We absolutely love to ski and always hit up at least one or two mountains each ski season. You have to prepare for ski season VERY early though, as many of the small mountain towns get booked up early and can be very expensive to stay. 

With winter right around the corner, here are a few ways you can start preparing for your ski vacation now:

1. Find a place to stay- Finding a place to stay during ski season is the hardest part of planning a trip! Most hotels are very expensive, which is why I always recommend looking on VRBO and asking around to see if you have any friends who own a vacation rental. Finding a vacation rental is a great alternative because you can usually fit more than 2 people and have the option to cook breakfast and dinner. Mountain town food can be really expensive and isn't usually that great, so having the option to cook is great. 

2. Make sure you have the right gear- I usually start shopping for gear earlier in the summer when everything is on sale, but sometimes you have to shop for gear during the Fall! I always check sites like Rue La La and Gilt for ski gear specials and I also ask my friends who ski if they have any hand me downs. If you are skiing for the first time, ask a friend if you can borrow all of her gear until you figure out what gear you might want. For me, layering is key and I always have a ton of layers on under my ski gear. 

3. Start working on your endurance- I try and walk A LOT leading up to ski season. This help builds up my cardio and helps strengthen my legs a little bit. I also do lunges and try to build up a little additional muscle in my legs. No matter how strong you are, a full day of skiing will exhaust you! Preparing ahead does help a little bit! 

What are you doing to prepare for ski season?