Planning You Trip: Going-to-the-Sun Road

Last week I went to a friends wedding in Whitefish Montana, which is only about 30 minutes from the entrance to Glacier National Park! Every review I read on TripAdvisor mentioned the Going-to-the-Sun Road and I knew I wanted to check it out. The only problem is that it was 4th of July weekend and traffic on the road can get very heavy. We decided to brave the traffic and wake up at 6am to start our journey. By about 6:30/6:45 we were at the entrance to Glacier National Park and it was a beauty! 

There is SO much beautiful scenery every where! We kept on driving until we reached Logan's Pass, which is the very top of the road!

When we reached the top of Logan's Pass we saw a huge group of bighorn sheep. There are a lot of wildlife viewing areas in the park, but stay back as these majestic animals are best viewed from afar! 

We decided to keep driving past Logan's Pass to the Jackson Glacier Overlook where you can see the glacier from the road. It was absolutely beautiful. We went all the way to St. Mary, where we were told is the best area to see bears. While we didn't see any bears in St. Mary, we did see two bears on our journey back down the road. 

We didn't stop to hike or camp, but there are a ton of places on the road to do that. There was still snow at Hidden Lake, which is a short like by Logan's Pass. Even with all of the visitors for July 4th, we were back in Whitefish by about 10:30am, making for a beautiful and fun 4.5 hour excursion. 

Here are a few tips for planning you trip:

  • Leave early to maximize your time in the park and reduce time spent in traffic
  • Pack snacks, water and have gas in your car
  • Drive slow around the curves and be prepared to take frequent stops for scenery photos
  • Watch out for wildlife on the road- we saw bears, big horn sheep, deer and foxes all very close to the road
  • Enjoy the ride!