Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party

While planning a Bachelorette Party can be tons of fun, it can also be really stressful for the Maid of Honor, Bridemaids and friends of the bride. I've been to a lot of fun (and a few not so fun) Bachelorette parties and there are a few things that all of the fun parties have in common. 

1. Really consider what the bride will like- Some brides love to party, some not so much. Some brides love to do adventurous activities and others would rather lay at the pool. Focusing on the bride at her party can NOT be stressed enough. Whatever you think the bride will like best is what you should do! 

2. Plan at least one amazing dinner out- Every fun Bachelorette Party I've ever been to has included one awesomely delicious and fun dinner. Everyone loves a great dinner out, so be sure to plan one for your Bachelorette. Keep it reasonable, but make sure it is nice. 

3. Give everyone some down time- There is a tendency to over-schedule Bachelorette Parties. With going out, day time activities and huge meals, be sure to schedule an hour or two of down time for everyone. I always send out an itinerary with at least two hours of downtime scheduled in. For people who love to be active they can still do something, but it forces those who need a small break to take one. 

What are your tips for planning the perfect Bachelorette Party?