Planning a Nashville Bachelorette Party

I just got back from a Bachelorette Party in Nashville and it was amazing! Everyone knows that I love, love, love Austin for a Bachelorette Party, but I really thought Nashville was an equally awesome place to go. 

Here is the itinerary of what we did while we were there:


  • Everyone arrived on Friday afternoon and got relaxed into the hotel. We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel Downtown and it was an incredible hotel. The staff were so nice, we had no problem with our rooms and the location is absolutely amazing. You can walk to all of the going out bars and many, many restaurants. This was great since we had a group of 13 people and Ubering everywhere, while very convenient, can get expensive. The hotel also has a Starbucks in the lobby, which is great for early birds. There is also a liquor store in walking distance where I grabbed all of the beverages for the party. 
  • We spent Friday night at Pinewood Social, which is a really cool restaurant and bar with bowling, games and great food. The bride loves to bowl, so we rented out two lanes. They serve a limited menu at the bowling area, but the food was really great and everyone seemed happy with it! The bowling was really fun too. If your bride loves games, you could easily get a table by bocce ball and the other games. Our servers at Pinewood Social were so on top of everything too, really impressive.
  • After Pinewood Social we went out on Broadway Street to all of the Honky Tonk bars. We went to pretty much every bar and they were each unique and fun. They all have great country music bands and big crowds. In fact, I was super surprised that they let so many people into the bars, but it did make for a fun atmosphere. We took some fun before and after pics to show what a great night we had :)


  • On Saturday, we grabbed brunch at The Southern and it was SUCH a great group place for brunch. They clearly serve a lot of groups, because our waiter was very much on top of everything. They seated us in a semi-private room so it was really quiet and great for conversation. They were super fast on the coffees and we started with some great biscuits. I was really impressed with the staff here. 
  • After brunch, we were scheduled to do a peddle pub bike ride with Sprocket Rocket. The peddle pub was really fun and our group had a great time! You get a nice little tour of Nashville followed by a stop at a bar or two. Unlike some other bikes I've been on, this one had a motor, which made it much easier. They also provide you with a bartender who serves drinks and plays great music. Overall, it was so fun!
  • After the bike ride, we Ubered to East Nashville and visited some of the cute little shops and ate at Jeni's Ice Cream! We also walked through the Vanderbilt campus and laid around in the grass for a little bit. After all the fun, we went back to the hotel for a little rest. 
  • For dinner we ate at Americano, which is a great little tapas bar in Nashville. I really like doing tapas for a big group dinner, because it usually ends up being cheaper for everyone to share. Plus sangria is delicious and a great start to the night. 
  • After dinner, we went back to the hotel for games, fun and drinking as a group! 


  • I left early Sunday, but the girls went stand up paddle boarding and had an absolute blast! It looked like a really fun way to end the weekend. 

There were A LOT of other bachelorette parties walking around Nashville, which also made for a really fun atmosphere. Overall, I thought it was a GREAT place to host a bachelorette party.