3 Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party With Friends Around The Country

Last month I attended a bachelorette party with attendees from Texas, California, New York, Pennsylvania, DC, Illinois and North Carolina! Planning a bachelorette party is already challenging, but planning a party with people from so many different areas of the country can be very, very challenging. 

The reality of planning a party with these many people is that you can NEVER make everyone happy. Someone will have to travel from much further away then makes sense, someone will have a party in their own city and someone will end up in a destination they don't love. That being said, there are a few things you can do to make planning a Bachelorette party with friends from around the country a little bit easier. 

1. Send out a destination survey - Picking a destination is very challenging for a party with so many travelers. You'll obviously want to chat with the bride first to see if she has a destination in mind. If she doesn't, I recommend sending out a destination survey. The survey should include your top three destinations and ask everyone included to vote. It can also include feedback on dates as well. 

You can download a copy of the destination survey I sent out to my friends for a recent bachelorette party here: 

2. Help out those who have to travel the furthest and pay the most- In every bachelorette group there will be one or two friends who have to travel the furthest or buy the most expensive flights. I always try to help those girls out by taking a little off of their plate. In the past I've helped them plan carpools so they don't have to pay more for transportation, I've given them less responsibility or arranged a great roommate for them during the party. 

3. Assign tasks so everyone feels their input has been heard- The hardest part of a bachelorette party is the number of personalities you have to deal with in order to get everything set up. I like to assign tasks to every single person coming (not just the maid of honor!) so that everyone feels their voice has been heard. 

Here are the jobs I assigned out at my last bachelorette party:

- Dinner plans for Friday and Saturday

- Brunch plans for Saturday

- Bar selection for Friday night

- Party favor research 

- Game research

- Assigning roommates 

- Decorating the rooms

Even though the maid of honor typically plans all of this stuff at a party, I found that assigning it out had everyone more invested and excited about the party. 

These are just three of my best tips for planning a bachelorette party with friends from around the country. What are your best kept secrets?