Napa Winery Review: Revana Family Vineyards

I just got home from an incredible trip to Napa with my husband, brother and sister in law. My brother is in the wine business and he set us up with the most amazing places to visit. One of my favorites was absolutely Revana Family Vineyards

Revana was our first stop of the morning and of the entire trip! I had high expectations for their wine and it definitely lived up to them. 

The first wine we tasted was the 2013 Revana Chardonnay. I was shocked to be tasting a Chard in Cabernet Country, but it was so delicious! I don't love a very buttery Chardonnay and this one had a fantastic taste. 

Next up were the 2009 and 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon. They were both just unbelievable! I personally preferred the 2012 and since they were made by different wine makers, they do have a slightly different taste.  


More Cabernet you say? Wine not! 


We just loved the wines at Revana! Revana even has a winery in Oregon where they make Pinots....yum! Revana only does a handful of tastings a week, but I definitely recommend emailing them way in advance to stop by for a tour! 


Thank you SO much to everyone at Revana for the incredible hospitality and amazing wines!